About Us

Repair. Maintenance. Service. Since 1970

Providing Expert & Honest Workmanship For Over 49 Years

Our History

North Reef Engineering was started by husband and wife, Manny and Alice Anjinho in 1970. The company is currently owned and managed by their son Edmundo and Manny’s brother John. The company has 49 years experience in the manufacture and supply of general precision engineering items. 

Our Services

The company specialises in supplying machining services, fitting, assembling and light fabrication. These specifically include precision turning, milling, welding, light fabrication, repair and reconditioning of various components and assemblies. Traditionally most of our work has been for the mining industry.


CNC Machining

  • Daewoo Lynx 200
    330mm between centres x 150mm turning diameter
  • Daewoo Puma 240M
    500mm between centres
    290mm turning diameter
  • Daewoo Puma 250L
    1300mm between centres
    395mm turning diameter
  • Kia Turn 300
    737mm between centres
    395mm turning diameter
  • Samsung PL45
    3000mm between centres
    690mm turning diameter
  • Kent KMV16 4 Axis
    1600 x 800 x 800
  • Samsung Rhino – 3 Axis
    760 x 450 x 350


  • Various lathes up to 6 metres between centres with a maximum of 850mm diameter swing in the gap – All with digital read out
  • Fraser Facing & Centre Machine
  • Herbert Turret lathe
  • Webster & Bennet 72″, 1.8 metre diameter table, 2 metres high
    with Digital Readout
  • Webster & Bennet 48” 1,2 metre diameter with Digital readout.
  • Tos Boring Mill
    100mm spindle with Digital readout
    Y-travel – 1140mm
    X-travel – 1620mm
  • Niigata Milling machine size no.4-3 Axis
  • Cincinnati Vertical milling machine with 2,9 metres X-travel


  • Pedestal Drilling Machines
  • Radial Drilling Machines
    Up to 80mm capacity
  • CO2 and Stick welders
  • ABB Robot welder
  • Band saws up to 250mm diameter  
  • 30ton Eccentric Press
  • 20ton Hydraulic Press
  • 30ton Hydraulic Press